Ongoing training by correspondence

Optional ongoing training by correspondence

Using a new activation, new voice transmission each 1 or 2 weeks, depending on your own progress and choice, restoring, clearing, activating, aligning each and every aspect and dimension of your being:

13 printed channeled activations
13 sets of codes of sacred geometry
13 activations
14 mp3 voice transmissions

13 Elixir Activations

-Sheha’an Soul Lineage,
-Mary Magdalene’s elixir, Genetic and ancestral lineage, restoring DNA, activating God Gene
-Emotional body, Divine Heart, Love Body and Divine Feminine
-Mental Body and Divine Masculine
-Repatterning and Restoration of Light Body and DNA to original divine blueprint
-Soul extensions – Come Home, Soul Gifts – Arise, Third Eye – Awaken
-Divine Child, Lemuria and Purification through the 7 Rays of Divine Love of Bali
-Ancient Egypt
-Return of 12 Primary Love, Light and Power Crystals
-Void, Inner and Middle Earth
-Christed Planetary Presence and Cosmic Consciousness – Awaken
-Twin Flame, Divine Union

Correspondence course: $500

*Full payment for this course due by August 15th, 2016

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