Astrea SrianaAstrea Sri Ana

I live my life for god completely, balancing my life so I can still remain in the physical and be not depleted.  After years of the need to transform pain and struggle … my life now is without fear.  The healing tools, activations, elixirs, sound transmissions and codes of sacred geometry that were sent to me for my own healing and transformation … are those I share with the world.

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Jean-ManuelJean-Manuel Nadeau

His 12 years spent across Central America and throughout Asia brought him into the depth of human experience. What was supposed to be a simple adventure became his life’s journey and a pilgrimage into the practices of ancient wisdom. His life forever changed after an immersion into Vipassana meditation, where he experienced a state of dissolution of the body-mind complex. He has now settled in Asia, where he was initiated in the Sacred Mystery school and into the practice of bio-dynamic craniosacral therapy, where he learned to master the sensitivity and wisdom gained in his meditation practice for the purpose of assisting others on their path of self-discovery.

Jean-Manuel will offer evening lectures and questions & answers discussion along the intensive 5 day Mystery School retreat. He will also be available for private craniosacral sessions to assist integration as well as astrology readings, during and after the sacred mystery school program.

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