The Path of The Mystic

The Path of the Mystic, Sacred Mystery School with Astrea Sri Ana
Oia, Santorini, Greece – May 27th-June 2nd, 2019

Astrea Sri Ana will share her Sacred Mystery School – Path of the Mystic, in a beautiful venue in the sacred island of Santorini, Greece.

The 6 days retreat includes 1 introduction in late afternoon and 5 full days of activations, Mediterranean lunch and 6 nights of shared accommodation* in the heart of Oia, Santorini.

Your shared room accommodation includes the night of May 27th to the morning of June 2nd. The class will start at 3pm on May 27th and will end on June 1st at 7pm.

early bird price *1750 euros (2050 USD) for full payments before January 31st 2019
*1250 euros (1450 USD) without accommodation.

Regular price

1350 Euros – 6 Days Mystery School Tuition only
1850 Euros – 6 Days Mystery School + 6 nights accommodation May 27th – June 2nd

* Option to rent extra night on May 26th for 65 euros extra is recommended to arrive on site early.

During this intensive 6 day retreat you will receive the activation and repatterning of your Light Body, activations with Ascended Masters, journeys to key portals, light temples and sacred locations within our galaxy and other star systems to rebuild the energy body to its original blueprint, and retrieve and dissolve karmic contracts and memories. You will connect and merge with your multi-dimensional self, your Angelic Presence, Galactic Presence, Christed Planetary Presence and God Presence. Astrea will lead you through channeled activations, with Voice Transmissions of the Language of Light, repatterning your Bodies of Light with sacred geometry blueprints and holograms, while clearing deep and ancient Akashic Soul memories, releasing karmic patterns, recalling and restoring your divine gifts, activating your Keepership, Galactic Name & Soul Signature. You will receive a manual with a practical tool kit of etheric techniques and codes of sacred geometry as a regular practice and routine whose purpose has been specifically channeled and brought to earth for those who are high initiates, to ease their path of restoration and mastery and to give focus to the varying connections that are to be made with the higher levels of light and mastery of each initiate – and to hold the path steady, that you not be overwhelmed by the nature of the deep clearing and transformation that is asked of you.

There will be group gatherings in late afternoons with Astrea’s assistant, Jean-Manuel who is gifted in his understanding of and ability to explain the processes involved, during lectures where questions may be answered.

Astrea is present for the activations and the light body repatterning and holds the field for the sacred mystery school. Jean-Manuel will hold lectures to facilitate a deeper understanding of the healing journey and will be available for questions, practical information regarding the retreat and act as an intermediary between Astrea and the group.

We hold silence during the workshop, so that the deep nature of the transformation is not affected by chatter and to enable the high frequency to be held and sustained. Questions may be answered during the afternoon gatherings and lectures.

It is such a personal process, and you are allowed all assistance to surrender to the activations unaffected by and without the fear of comparisons with others … for the mastery of each participant is acknowledged … and need not be compared with that of another … for each is on a different stage of the journey … yet all are masters.

This sacred mystery school is for those who deeply feel within themselves the calling to retrieve parts of your multidimensional selves, move through leaps forward of akashic record memories of your soul and commit to your sacred path in this lifetime. This choice can have profound effects in healing the past and moving forward in your life. It is the beginning of a path of mastery that will take years to unfold. It takes serious commitment from each, as it is the journey of remembrance, healing and moving past limitations to access deeper knowledge of self, accessing layer upon layer of your dream consciousness, creating and manifesting the life of your highest inspiration. It is the Path of the Mystic. It is the Hero’s Journey.

* read practical information and accommodation details at the bottom of this page


Every lightworker is in the process of clearing karmic blockages and obstacles to empowerment, restoring and reclaiming their bodies of light, and living on earth as their divine selves.

The Path of the Mystic sacred mystery school training is a fast-tracking and acceleration of this deep restorative process.


  • Is it your time to open your deepest heart to the divine self?
  • Is it your time to heal ancient memories, ancient lives … allowing to be uncovered and to reclaim the true self?
  • Even if you are confused and blocked … you “know” you have a sacred role in this lifetime.

6 day intensive retreat includes:

  • Activations with Ascended Masters
  • Sacred geometry
  • Light body repatterning and restoration
  • Voice transmissions of the language of light
  • Deep clearing of ancient akashic soul memories
  • Activation of life mission, Keepership, Galactic name
  • Evening gathering with lectures, Q&A and sharing.
  • Manual of daily tools and sacred geometry codes.


Accelerated process guided by the Ascended Masters and Galactic Federation releases deepest core blocks and obstacles and activates all processes for empowerment and wholeness

  • channeled activations to rebuild the light body, clear karmic records of ancient memory, and to activate divine gifts
  • rebuild the energy body to its original blueprint, release karmic patterns, recall and restore your divine gifts, fulfill your divine potential, and restore divine presence upon earth

The Sacred Mystery School Experience

For Those Considering The Path of the Mystic intensive …

The Path of the Mystic offers an activation and an awakening of your deepest and highest self and begins and puts in place all of the processes that are needed for the unfolding, activation, healing and restoration of the mysteries of your divine self upon earth.

Our days are quite full and fast packed with many activations to receive. Most days are spent lying comfortably, travelling deeply on many journeys to the realms of the Ascended Masters, to ancient lifetimes of Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, and to galactic lifetimes, to reclaim divine gifts of your soul.

Our days are intense, journeying to so many places to restore and heal wounds of ancient times … and these will have bearing on your current life, currently playing out and creating limitation and sadness and lack of power and fulfillment in your life.

There are journeys to heal the karmic experiences of ancient lifetimes, visiting the Hall of the Records of the Akasha to access the deepest memories and wounds and to receive release of these.

And there are journeys to lives of great significance where you are fully in your power, using all of your abilities and gifts … and you receive knowledge of those gifts as they are again anchored within your being so that you can experience them in this physical life.

Each day activations start at 9 am and conclude around 5 pm. In the evening we will have a group gathering for an hour, covering the day’s activation themes, where questions may be answered.

Discover Your Life’s Direction

On day two of The Path of the Mystic intensive, you will receive a channeled message from the Ascended Masters, given the name you are known by in the higher realms … your divine spiritual name … and also the title of your keepership and an outline of the special gifts and powers that you hold within that keepership, that expression of your divinity, your own spark of god and holding all of the power of god, which you have expressed in all of your great lifetimes and in your galactic lifetimes.

You receive the name of the Ascended Masters and great divine ones who form your own Council of Light, those who work with you on the physical plane to assist you to uncover and restore your divinity on earth and to share your wondrous gifts with humanity. It is exciting to have this direction in your life, to know of your role and to walk towards it. It is a very luscious time of self-discovery and self-knowledge … challenging, but so rewarding.

You will draw a sacred encodement to anchor your keepership to earth and create a sacred mantra during The Path of the Mystic, and it is this code and sacred mantra that you will sing during the portal ceremony on our final day, to activate your life mission and allow your keepership to be grounded and anchored to earth, so that you may over the remainder of your physical life commence to embody this great gift of god you hold.

You will receive an angelic activation, receiving activation and restoration of the first and original body of light, and upon which all other bodies of light will anchor.

You will receive a repatterning, restoration and activation of each of your chakras, your galactic chakra column, the diamond plates of each dimension of your being and the individual crystals and vortexes and gateways of your light body.
During The Path of the Mystic retreat, you will become aware of those which are your deepest core patterns, those that over the course of your life, and previous lifetimes, have played out in limitation, sadness, lack of belief in yourself and your abilities, and disempowerment. These are common to all lightworkers and it is our first priority to relieve ourselves of all that blocks and stands in the way of the expression of our divinity.

In addition to receiving many activations whose purpose is to release these deepest memories and patterns, you will come to identify those patterns which block and obstruct and sadden and grieve you, and connect with the Karmic Board to identify the original core experience which you have had in an ancient life which has created a deep disempowerment and manifested in your current life in various ways. In sacred ceremony during the activations, the records of the akasha will be released from your energies, creating a deep release and new empowerment and great lightness as the records of aeons’ duration are lifted.

Many of the experiences of our current lifetime have come about so that we may begin to have an awareness of those which are our deepest wounds and memories. Once the original core experience is identified and the records are released, there is a great ‘aha’ moment, and a light turns on which makes sense of all that has gone before. With the akashic records released, you will no longer hold within your chakras the distortion which has until this time brought to you experiences of sadness and pain. Under the Law of Attraction, what we hold we draw to us and attract and so with the release of the akashic record, you will no longer attract the suffering and the recurring patterns and behaviours.

As a high initiate and worker of the light you will have had earth lifetimes in service to humanity where you have endured experiences of suffering and lack of self trust and self love during those lifetimes. Those patterns of behaviour which, no matter how hard you try to resolve them, persist and which seem to be senseless and you cannot make headway with these or understand why they persist or even exist … are most likely to originate because of a very deep experience in an ancient earth lifetime, particularly in Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt … and to the time of separation from God … which is held deeply hidden within your core and which will only reveal itself in layers, potentially taking many lifetimes to be revealed and healed. The gift of the akashic recordkeeper offers the ‘delete’ button to allow these deepest of ancient experiences and memories to be healed at their place of original experience, and released from you.

Working with the karmic records is an ongoing process. Your first priority as a lightworker and high initiate is to relieve yourself of all karma and all disempowering patterns. In this freeing, you are increasingly able then to allow your divinity to shine through.

Each time that you release a karmic record, the family of light spontaneously allows the anchoring into your being of another of your soul gifts … in the vacuum which is created as the distortion in your energies lifts and clears.

As the engrained patterns of your life also lift and release, life becomes more peaceful and former challenges depart … allowing you more and more to embody your divinity and to share your divine gifts with all humanity.

The methods of working with the akashic records are shared with you, with encodements of sacred geometry also given to assist in this ongoing clearing work.

You will receive such very close reconnection with all of the Family of Light, with so many angels and archangels, Ascended Masters, Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation and emissaries from the higher realms of light and love with their great abilities of repatterning and psychic healing, supporting and holding you. This connection with the Ascended Masters and family of light is the greatest gift, to connect with and to receive their love and guidance, and their palpable presence felt and experienced.

Those who are seers have particularly wondrous experiences during The Path of the Mystic intensives, with visions of those places we visit, the angels and archangels, the Ascended Masters and their ashrams, and of the galaxies and dimensions of the universe, and see themselves in ancient lives of great power. Those who are clairsentient will experience in their bodies the deep energies and the psychic healing and repatterning that occurs. And those without vision or sense of the energies receive healing and restoration at the same level, and will find the energies strong and deeply peaceful.

For many of the journeys you may slip in and out of a deep dreamlike state, and though you may attempt to remain awake so that you have conscious memory of the activations and the journeys, often you will be in a deep slumber and will awaken from time to time to have knowledge of some specific information which is important for you.

There are many activations to complete, and it is usually by group consensus that we decide whether to stop for a break, or to continue with one more, for example while we wait for lunch to be delivered.

You are given a comprehensive manual which contains many tools, many methods of healing, clearing, restoration. You are given more than 30 encodements of sacred geometry to fast-track the process of restoring and embodying your divinity.

You may choose whether you wish to receive activation as a Seer … able to see across the dimensions and to past and future … or as a Rainbow Bridge Channel … with the gift of the channel, whether to channel words, or sounds, or creative ability, or music or dance … or as an Akashic Recordkeeper … receiving the ability to work with the Karmic Board and to release the records of the soul which create distortion and disempowerment and sadness and pain and also with gift and responsibility for the earth portals.

Many encodements of sacred geometry are used which will fast-track the healing and restoration of your sacred nature. Sacred geometry codes are the gift Astrea brings to the earth plane … the gift of ability to see energy as geometry and to repattern the electro-magnetic field of your energy body to its original divine blueprint … with many, many codes drawn which are used to repattern the light body to original creation blueprint. You receive many codes of sacred geometry for regular use in clearing and restoring your energy.

We link energies with those who have walked this path before you, which allows you to receive the benefit of group energy, linked and joining with those others who have gone before you and receiving the benefit of their individual clearing and restoration work and the gifts they have brought to earth.  We create a group energy, and you are no longer alone but held by the love of the group.  In this way you are able to receive a great acceleration not possible when doing this work alone.

Voice transmissions of the language of light using sacred sound and toning are received each day. Astrea is a divine channel of the Creation Blueprints and Elohistic realms, and deep repatterning and restoration of the electro-magnetic field of your energies is received through these transmissions of the language of light which channel the geometries of the universe, restoring to original divine blueprint.

You will also receive an activation of either the Seer, Rainbow Bridge Channel or Akashic Recordkeeper, depending on your choice.

Commitment Required

Healing Ancient Wounds … Restoring Your Divinity

A commitment to yourself is required to commence this work, with your priority your own self growth and evolution to mastery.

There is the willingness required of you to acknowledge your deepest patterns and to heal these.

Your lightbody and all of the crystals and chakras within will receive activation and commence rebuilding and restoration to original divinity. Your galactic presence will commence its restoration and anchoring to earth through you in all its magnificence. You will commence to reconnect with all of the illustrious lifetimes, healing the memories and wounds of these times, and restoring the beautiful gifts.

In The Path of the Mystic intensive you will commence a process which cannot be walked away from … and discipline is required, and commitment to this path you walk.

Particularly for those who are continuing with the ongoing correspondence training, discipline is required to create a routine and to work with the tools and codes you are given … clearing distortions and memories from your energies and your light body … restoring, healing.

There may be disruption to your life, for you have commenced a process of deep restoration. All that is distorted, all that does not resonate with your new path of restoration will no longer be in alignment with you and so there is possibility of disturbance. As memories of ancient lives return … for as new bodies of light anchor within you their soul memories also return … there is the need to use the tools and codes you are given … to clear these distortions and memories.

The Path of the Mystic is a path for those who feel deeply within their heart that they wish to commit to achieving this level of self mastery.

Strength returns … and peace … as the old patterns of distress and limitation fall away … replaced by the beautiful talents and gifts and the return of full trust in God and all of your loved ones of soul family who stand beside you in this walk to the return of your original magnificence.

With so much love



Greece is an ancient land where original mystery schools were received by initiates of the highest education. Mystery Schools were the ancient universities (universe) where one would delve into the mystery of this creation and existence, of sacred mathematics and spiritual origins. No wonder great philosophers like Plato and Aristotle came from this lineage and are still known today for their all-encompassing universal knowledge.

Arrival date
It is important that you arrive before 12pm on May 27th or an earlier date. The retreat will start on May 27th at 3 pm. We have an option to rent the room one night before on May 26th for 65 euros extra. We recommend that you arrive a day earlier on May 26th to have some time to rest, to acclimatize and get your bearings, find out where the cafes are, etc … so you feel fresh and ready to allow yourself to have a week of deep peace and surrender.

Flights from Athens to Santorini
Aegan Airlines – Athens to Santorini – can be found at this link: (Santorini is also called Thera, the traditional name)


early bird price *1750 euros (2050 USD) for deposit before Dec 1st 2018
*1250 euros (1450 USD) without accommodation.

The tuition for the retreat is 1550$ – 1350 EUR without accommodation option.

If you wish, we have arranged a limited number of rooms in beautiful shared accommodation – for an additional 500 EUR. This accommodation is close to the workshop venue. The alternative is to book your own accommodation in Oia town – there are so many beautiful options through Air BnB.

75 euro discount on shared accommodation if you book as a couple / friends sharing a bed (available for 2 rooms).

Bookings and beds attribution will be made on a “first come, first served” policy, upon reception of full payment. Every room is different, and the shared houses are shared by 6 to 8 people. If you need a private setting we recommend you rent your own accommodation in Oia. Every year, people have loved the shared experience. It is your choice which setting fits your needs.

You can also make a reservation with a non-refundable deposit of 500 EUR, with full payment due by March 1st, 2019

If you cancel your booking, there is a non-refundable 500 EUR. After March 15th, 2019,  the full payment is non-refundable.

Airport Arrival
We will arrange for you a pick up car at the airport for 35 EURO (shared if possible with other arrivals)

Visas for Greece
Make sure you visit your government website to see the guidelines regarding Visa requirements. Greece is part of the European Union, therefore using the Euro currency.

Home cooked Mediterranean lunch will be served at the workshop venue and is included in 5 of the 6 days of the Sacred Mystery School tuition. Please advise us as early as possible if you have any food allergies. We may not be able to accomodate all food restrictions.

You are responsible for your belongings at all time. We provide shared accommodation and we advise group decisions regarding rooms’ security and safety guidelines.

May and September in Greece is the beginning and end of summer and still in high season, the temperature average 74 °F (24 °C) with very little rainfall. Evenings and night can be cooler 64 °F (18 °C).
In May, very warm days could already be shining upon us !

What to wear
We recommend light, comfortable, natural fibre clothes as you will spend much time lying down receiving activations, and loose trousers are comfortable and perfect. A sarong to place over your body will keep you cosy. For courageous ones, make sure you bring your swimwear.

What to bring
The activations are received while lying down. You will need to bring with you a yoga mat and sleeping bag or light mattress, as you will be spending hours daily lying down and need to be comfortable. Feel free to bring anything else you feel would enhance your comfort during each activation (light blanket, sarong, socks).

Bring a notebook and pen to make notes, as valuable information you may receive from the Masters during the activations.

If you have favourite coloured pens or pencils, bring them for the code you will draw.

If you desire, bring a favourite crystal or small sacred object you would like to place on the altar to charge with the high frequencies of the Ascended Masters. Photos of your loved ones can be placed on the altar to receive the frequencies and each day we ask that our loved ones receive with us, so that they are not left behind as we move forward on our paths.

Pack lightly as it is likely you will want to do some shopping and bring home some bargains. From the car park it will be necessary for you to carry or pull your luggage on wheels over cobblestones and up stairs to reach the accommodation and venue. For those staying in our shared accommodation option, we will have someone carry your luggage all the way to your room.


Located in Armeni Bay, the venue is a very private setting away from the crowds. This time, we will have our own yoga shala for the retreat right next to the sea, with view of the caldera and volcano. It has been newly renovated in an old house very near our shared accommodation.

The venue and shared accommodations are located 15 minutes walking distance from Oia above the ridge. For those booking your own accommodation up in the Oia village, there will be a 15 minutes walk to the venue down about 300 stairs in the morning, and up in the evening. It is not an easy walk, neither a difficult one, but make sure you are in a good health condition if you choose to stay in Oia.


We are providing basic shared accommodation. We have rented two large houses with beds available on two floors and shared over a few rooms. Each house has shared bathrooms. Upon reservation, we will assign beds to “first booked, first served”. Book early if you wish to attend as numbers are strictly limited and cannot be extended.

If you wish to stay close to the venue, and do not wish to be climbing stairs each day, then it is important that you book the shared accommodation available as soon as possible, as this will be offered on a first come, first served basis and likely will be quickly booked out.

Oia is a very small area. There are plenty of guesthouses, hotels and rooms to rent on AirBnb. Feel free to book your own accommodation and pay only the full tuition fee of EUR 1350 – USD 1550.

We have sourced this very affordable option for those who feel to share this experience in a shared accommodation communal space. In the last years the communal house arrangement was a very happy one and lasting friendships were made, with much laughter and sharing of breakfast and evening meals.

Here’s what you can expect from our shared accommodation option

* Both houses feature a beautiful terrace with sunbeds
* kayaks for excursions
* Wi-Fi
* There is a washing machine available
* Towels and beach towels
* Housekeeping service every two days

Reservation & Payment

Full tuition + 6 nights shared accommodation : 1850 Euros *. (1750 euros early bird until January 31st 2019)

To make your reservation, please choose your preferred payment option.

1- Deposit of  500 Euros *
2- Full tuition + 6 days Shared accommodation:  1850 Euros * (2150 USD)*
3- Full tuition only without accommodation: 1350 EUROS * (1550 USD)*

* Price may change due to local currency fluctuation

Payment in Euro Bank transfer
Payment in USD Bank transfer
Payment in Bitcoins also accepted

contact us for details

Payment by PayPal will have a 3% extra charge and 5% for Credit Card

~ Deposit is non refundable
~ Full payment is non-refundable after March 15th, 2019

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